How ot get rid of split ends

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When having beautiful, healthy looking hair is very important to you. Even if your hair is damaged or has only minor hair problems. It makes you not confident to go out and live your life that day. One obvious problem that can make your hair good or bad is split ends.

Frequent trimming of the ends of the hair

Girls who have long hair problems with split ends The first choice that many people choose to make. is to trim the ends of the hair. The reason is that the longer the hair is allowed to grow, the more The more you increase the chance of split ends. Regularly trimming the ends of your hair will also help remove dry, split ends. No matter how long your hair is You should trim the ends of your hair regularly every 6 – 8 weeks to keep the ends of your hair healthy. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

You shouldn’t wash your hair too frequently.

Can’t deny that Women are often associated with cleanliness. In addition to cleansing dirt from the face and body. Cleaning your hair is also something that many people give importance to. But what you should know is After cleaning the hair While your hair is wet is a time when it is very fragile. In addition to the risk of hair breaking and falling easily. Washing your hair too frequently may also make it easier for your hair to split ends. Therefore, we should not wash our hair too often. But if you want to revive and nourish split ends to make your hair healthier. It is recommended to choose a gentle shampoo with natural ingredients. It is best to add moisture to the hair and scalp.

Use oil to nourish your hair.

Hair problems in today’s era are considered to be more serious than before. Because they have to face both sunlight and UV rays that are more intense. Including hair styling with heat from blow drying, perming, straightening, and various hair dyes. Therefore, hair oil has become an important help in nourishing the hair to become healthy again. Because the oil nourishes the hair It is considered a product that specifically helps nourish hair. Change damaged hair into hair that is more beautiful and soft.

Avoid heat on the hair.

Heat is considered the worst enemy for split ends. The more often women use heat on their hair, especially the ends. It will make the ends of your hair dry and damaged many times worse than before. But avoiding using heat on your hair is difficult. If necessary use a hair dryer or hair straightener. that causes the hair to generate heat. In fact, it is recommended to reduce the heat level to the lowest level. Or blow dry your hair with warm air instead. And it’s best to use the dryer, focusing only on the roots and top of the hair rather than the ends. To save your hair from split ends or causing more hair damage than before.

Avoid bathing with temperatures that are too high.

Girls who like to take a warm bath to feel relaxed. It’s good. But this behavior is what causes the hair to become dry and damaged and cause split ends. Because of the heat radiating from the bathing water It will destroy the health of the hair and make it weaker by destroying the natural oils that protect the hair and scalp. As a result, the scalp becomes dry and peeling until it becomes dandruff. Dry, damaged, frizzy hair Fragile hair scales And split ends can occur, so we recommend changing to taking a shower and washing your hair with cool water or room temperature water instead.

Wipe your hair with a microfiber cloth.

 If anyone is facing the problem of hair falling out in piles that are alarming. Recommended to try using microfiber cloth Because it is lightweight and reduces friction on the hair very well. Microfiber cloths are more absorbent than ordinary towels. Helps hair dry quickly. There is no need to wipe your hair vigorously. and greatly reduces the chance of hair falling out Because when we shower and wash our hair, we tend to have a lot of hair fall out.