How to Make Matcha Green Tea at Home

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In the world of tea In addition to milk tea, which has a huge influence on tea lovers, green tea is almost a type of tea drink that has become popular and has quite an influence on tea consumption. But this green tea There are also details that go deep to create a dimension that is especially like the world of green tea. This makes green tea a favorite cup of many people. It may not be smooth milky green tea anymore. It might be clear green tea, or it might be just as intense as you like. Matcha Green Tea.

Easy steps to making matcha green tea

Prepare equipment 

Prepare all raw materials and equipment. Arranged for ease of use The equipment for making matcha includes: Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

  • Bamboo Matcha Maker 
  • Cups for making tea
  • Clean cloth for wiping cups. 
  • Small strainer.
  • teaspoon
  • Small kettle. (add boiled hot water) 100 ml.
  • A cup for disposing of hot water.
  • Cup or glass of hot water for soaking brushes.

Important ingredients for making matcha – Oyaizu Matcha No. 65 or No. 75 

Warm up the bamboo brush, Warm the tea cup.

Warm your bamboo brush by soaking it in hot water so the bristles don’t break. Pour hot water into the teacup, then gently swirl the cup to warm the entire teacup. When the cup is warm Throw away the hot water. Then wipe the teacup with a clean tea towel.

Strain the matcha powder.

Place a strainer over a teacup. Then scoop out 1 teaspoon of matcha (about 2 grams) and pour the matcha into a strainer. Gently spread the matcha with a spoon to prevent the matcha from clumping.

Prepare to make matcha. 

Pour 100 ml of hot water into a sifted tea cup. Holding the bamboo brush handle loosely, gently spread the tea from the bottom of the cup. Beat the tea by flicking the bamboo brush up and down. 

Beat the matcha until it has fine foam.

In the beginning, the tea bubbles may not be fine. After whisking for a while, increase the speed of mixing the matcha powder. Until the matcha bubbles start to become finer. and when the tea bubbles are so fine Sweep the brush in the shape of(no) before pulling the brush up from the center of the cup to serve.